In addition to regular pages most websites require a range of other dynamic functions these days. We've got a number of these tools already built and ready to integrate, with plenty more on the way!

News with Syndication capabilities

Almost every website wants to broadcast the occasional news item or press release, and our News engine is the way to do it. With syndication features built in out of the box, you can share your news to subscribers via RSS or Atom easily.

Contact forms

Ever needed to collect feedback from website visitors? Our simple Contact application lets your users submit their name, email and a brief message via a web form straight on the website - there is no need to launch their email program!

This will be saved in the admin for you to review when you like, and can optionally be emailed to a recipient of your choice. It has the added bonus of protecting your email address from scammers and bots, which is great for keeping your spam folder lean.


We have or are building some great tools to leverage the multitude of fantastic social applications in use on the modern web right now.


Post your "tweets" directly from within our backend and see your mentions. We're looking to add more features soon such as automated retweets from trusted follows if you're mentioned.

Newsletters with MailChimp

Let your visitors subscribe or unsubscribe from your email newsletters on MailChimp.

Videos from YouTube

Build a video gallery from your linked YouTube account.

Photos from Picasa

Build a photo gallery from your linked Picasa account.